New Bethany

Skilled Nursing


Los Banos, CA

Owner: New Bethany
General Contractor: Quiring General
Project: Licensed & Non-Liscensed Areas
Function: Skilled Nursing & Residential
Size: 89,000 square feet
HVAC Delivery: Design-Build
Design-Build Target Value: $2 Million
Completion: Completed


This project in Los Banos consists of approximately 19,000 sq ft of licensed skilled nursing and 70,000 sq ft of residential, convalescent care.   The facility has a pronounced Spanish architectural style, which includes tiled hip roofs.   The challenge to Patton was to design an HVAC system that was effective, efficient, quiet, and flexible for the distinct needs of a nursing home, without the ability of placing major equipment on the roof.  
The solution for the skilled nursing wing was a central plant consisting of a chiller, boiler, and pumps located in a remote equipment yard.   The hip style of the roof precluded large equipment being placed there.  Instead, through careful coordination with the architect and other trades, Patton was able to design a unique attic equipment area.   A catwalk located directly below the roof ridge provided easy access to the fan coils located symmetrically on either side of the catwalk.


The result is a system that meets the extreme demands of a licensed skilled nursing facility, providing code required precise space air pressurization relationships and high efficiency filtration, while also providing effective conditioning, efficiency, and flexibility.   The central plant also serves multi-purpose areas of the non-licensed residential care facility.      

The non-licensed residential wings are conditioned by packaged A/C units. A carefully designed roof well system provides a place to conceal the units without compromising the integrity of the architectural design. Each unit utilizes a variable volume and temperature (VVT) zoning system.  These VVT systems provide individual thermostatic control to each bedroom, while maintaining system effectiveness, without the higher cost of the central plant that the skilled nursing area demands.

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